Monday, July 25, 2011

Closet Confection: The birds, the bees, bikes and trees.

This is just a wee little wardrobe entry, with a few photos snapped by my fella while we were goofing around my favorite spot of nature nestled in the city! Things have been so incredibly jam packed (in the most magical way) that blogging fell to the wayside, but, I truly don't want to disappoint my amazing readers, so here's a little something until Wednesday!

Idol: Brigitte Bardot, but of course! 

L'appareil à sous - Brigitte Bardot by GlamourApocalypse

The Wardrobe:
Blimey Limey Top: Vintage 1960's, thrifted for $3
Gammy Glammy Hot Pants: Forever21
Minty Miss Saucer Sized Earrings: Forever21
In the basket:
Sketch pad, oranges, and my constant companion: a book. This happens to be an epic Elizabeth Taylor biography that I've avoided finishing for too long, it's that good! Review coming soon!

With a special appearance by my favorite set of wheels, little "Rusty", a gift from a family friend who bought her shiny and new back in 1963, and passed her on to me about 10 years ago. I cannot express how much I love my bike, she's my little ticket to freedom and fresh air, and gets me around the city every single day. I love my bike so much I seriously wrote a poem about it. OH yeah.


Kristian said...

You look like the epitome of 60s style!

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