Thursday, February 10, 2011

Closet Confections: "Forestial Fancy"

Do you have a secret place where you run to when you need a moment to decompress and just let your soul hum? Is there a hidden nook that makes you feel positively blissful from your coiffure to your toes? This is a peek into my little "zen den" which takes form in a magically hypnotic stretch of wild land tucked away in the middle of the city.

Winding paths meander through a canopy of entangled oak trees and lazy vines. Perfectly inspiring, creatively charging, and truly mystical. I feel like I'm in my own little fairy tale lost in the woods, surrounded by a bustling city that doesn't know what it's missing out on. This is my favorite secret spot that my happy feet trot to several times a week. Our pups love to frolic through the knee tickling wisps of grass.   Mmmmmmm is the sound my heart makes.


Idol: you Snow who...

Mantra: "What was she like? Snow, cream, marble, cherries, alabaster, golden wire? None of these. She was like a fox, or an olive tree; like the waves of the sea when you look down upon them from a great height; like an emerald; like a sun on a green hill which is yet still clouded." - Virginia Woolf, "Orlando" 1928

Soundtrack: "Why do you let me stay here" - She & Him

The Wardrobe:
My little Buttercup Dress: Vintage, flea market find.
Bees Knees Hair Bow: Vintage, estate sale.
Mismatched sock-it-to-me duo: Betsey Johnson
Blue Not So Suede Shoes: Converse
Bangles Galore: Tarina Tarantino & Vintage



Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures :o)

melina bee said...

found you on ifb today, really like your look and sensibility, also your sense of humor. we should run away to the same circus...

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