Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Burton before brunch.

Last week Los Angeles was a buzz with word that Tim Burton would be making a rare appearance at a special book signing for his fans...Pass up the ulitmate opportunity to meet the one artist who has shaped my own creative growth the most just because it was rumored that half of L.A. was showing up? No way pussy cat!!! So in the wee small hours of the morning, (after a night of restless tossing, much like a a sugar fueled kiddo anticipating a trip to Disneyland) I grabbed my lil' pumpkin parasol, and made a bee line for LACMA with two of my besties, Fernando and James! We were so giddy we hardly took a breath between all the excited chattering!

With an original topiary from Edward Scissorhands.
Needless to say, it was a mob scene, a sea of stripes and noir garbed fans as far as the eye could see, block after block. The prospects were looking, well, pretty grim...
Luckily, I ran into another pal of mine who was sweet enough to take us along on a private tour of the exhibit, before anyone else got to see! I snuck a few photos! Shhhh....

 We had one hour to run through the exhibit alone before the flood gates opened to the private ticket holders. Trying to soak it all in so quickly was definitely a challenge, but incredibly enjoyable, without having to stand on tippy toes and sardine in with a crowd.

Detail of Christopher Walken's cape from Sleepy Hollow. Look at the use of texture!!! Like charred meat and muscle tissue!

I had to take special notice of the derriere section of Johnny's Scissorhands suit. For purely professional interest. Of course...
 I definitely spent a lot of time drooling, simply mesmerized by the two pieces from my favorite costumer Colleen Atwood. Her use of textures, layering, and distressing are so incredible, and must be seen in person if you're a costume geek like me!

The glowy carousel room!
The exhibit is expansive, featuring sketches from his early childhood, original maquettes that have been sealed away in the Disney vaults, multi media moving sculptures, robots, original film props from sandworms to Catwoman's articulated claws... This is a must see with sketchpad in hand and at least four hours to veg and take in all the beauty...

As we were exiting the exhibit, a flash of silver curls atop a willowy frame glided by. It was Tim! He had been behind us in the show taking a peek, before being whisked off to go meet his fans, eagerly awaiting his signing. I had been too caught up in the macabery delights to notice who was following behind. 

Shortly after, I ran into a lovely woman I had been chatting fashion with while wandering around that morning. (she was excited about my favorite poppy dress and Edwardian silk striped parasol) Next thing I knew, a coveted, golden ticket was pressed firmly and secretely into the palm of my hand, then suddenly I was being pushed into a passing cluster of people. I was swept away with the little huddle towards a heavily gaurded door, with only a few moments to take in what was happening..

 ...And there he was. It was a blur, all of a sudden I was shaking hands & exchanging names (hehehe) with the very person who has had the largest creative impact on my life. To say it was surreal would be an understatement.
He said he loved my name, as we both realized we were still holding hands. Eeeep! I hadn't let go yet in  the rush of the exchange. (insert me blushing here. Goofball.). He was truly a pleasure to talk to, incredibly caring towards all of his fans, I even got him to giggle!...

My heart soared at the odd twists and turns the day had taken. I LOVE leaving things up to chance, by taking leaps, and just being kind to other people, you never know what kind of an adventure you may find yourself on, what new friends you may make, and beautiful treasures you may pick up along the way.
To this anonymous woman, who's name I don't even know, thank you, sincerely from the bottom of my heart. What you did was one of the most wonderful gifts I've ever been given. I truly wish I could find you and smother you with hugs, you made this gal's creative soul sing.

With Fernando & James my accomplices of the day, cuddling our autographed books.

My inner three year old is now completely satisfied having met the man who made the movie about Peewee and his shiny red bike that would start a lifelong love affair with the hypnotizing world that Tim Burton has created for all of us not afraid to blossom on the fringes of the norm.

*Photos thanks to PsychoBoys.com and my hubby's old camera. (*Mine's been on the fritz thanks to an unfortunate run in with a fizzy drink, leading to a bit  of a drought in the bloggie department*)
Friday, May 27, 2011

Things I Love...errr Friday, The Late Night Edition!

What has my heart singing at the moment...
Performing burlesque for the first time, and feeling giddy, riding on cloud 9, smile plastered to my face every day since. (I feel like a super hero, who gets naked and makes people smile)
Phone calls with my glamorous Grammy, planning visits to see her (and hearing absolute happiness shine through her voice as she's telling me about her wild late nights on the town until 2 am. Hehehe.)
Scoring a vintage 60's crop top (for $3!!), pairing with pigtails and hot pants ala Brigitte Bardot.
Continuing my copious amounts of bicycle adventures ( exercise + too fun = delightful )

The above, a darling video from She & Him.
Plotting oodles of summer adventures starting with; photo shoots in ghost towns, camping under big trees, bike rides across my favorite valley, & vintage scavenging adventures in the mid west.
Watermelon + spoon. A simple, but divine summer delight. Noms. Big time.

Love letters to Elsie These are seriously worth a good read. What a sweet gift to have a peek in on two people so truly inspiring to each other. It makes my heart do the happy dance and gives me a refreshed sense of how love should be. In every single form it comes in.
Vintage silver lame purses in the day time. Now that's original bling, baby.
The little red lady bug and swallow tail butterfly that landed on my toes while I was writing this in the park. Like little kisses from mother nature. Beautiful.

Brigitte Bardot
Surprise breezes blowing in off the ocean, like the last few breaths of fresh air, lingering bits of spring, tangling my hair and tickling my skin, before the summer heat clamps itself like a blanket over the city.

Mmmm. What made you feel blissed as can be this week?...

Friday, May 13, 2011

Girly A-Go-Go!

Oh, hell's bell's, its happened again, weeks have whirled by and I've been a naughty mistress of musings, neglecting my little bloggie!
It all started with a road trip to Las Vegas in a pink '64 Buick, followed by photo shoots in my fave mid century modern hideaway in Palm Springs, last minute adventures to San Francisco (including a blustery, but enjoyable walk across the golden gate bridge), planning and producing a very special show for my besty's bday, daily biking adventures on my cherry red 63' Schwinn (she's my little rust bucket with wings!) preparing my first burlesque act (meeeep!) and dancing until my legs turn to jello! So very much to share with you all,  and oodles of wonderful photos!!! We'll chat soon!


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