Friday, January 28, 2011

Linkie Love! Happy Friday my Dhaaalings!

Pulled from my glittering tornado of a noodle to brighten or enlighten. To you from me, with love...

Alan Cumming set to play Salvador Dali in a new 3-D art-a-liscous film extravaganza?!... YES please!

Janet Klein and her Parlor Boys. Ukulele goddess, Maven of Moxie and just generally divine!

photo by me!
Repeat the above to yourself. It's TRUE. You ARE!!! Everyday. Every night. In the day time, or shining moonlight. (That's right, I just went Suess on you!) It's your mantra, or homework for the week, if you will. As the divine one RuPaul says, "If you don't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?" You gorgeous cluster of sparkling atoms you.

A few years back I swiped this little hardback off the Barnes N' Noble sale stack. It was begging to be read with it's vibrant cover in the infamously coveted color, and promises of retro-rific exploits betwixt it's pages. I spent the next week with a nightly bubble bath date, just me and my new beloved book. The dazzling true story "Summer at Tiffany" by Marjorie Hart instantly whisked me away to 1945, New York City, the country swept up in WWII, when glamour was still a way of life. I felt like I was right along side the two gal pals as they nabbed the first positions EVER as female sales personnel at Tiffany & Co., hobnobbing with Judy Garland and Marlene Dietrich (to name a few!), nights on the town with servicemen, and finding ways around war time rations in the name of getting dolled up. Needless to say, I was sad when I reached the last page, whenever a book manages to weave it's way into my heart like this, it makes it hard to turn to that final chapter! A lovely read to get you geared up for summer, inspiring for any vintage adoring doll!

Desperately seeking Susie-Q. Very Madge, quite a spectacle for your peepers. Model: Madisyn Ritland  Photos by: Ellen von Unwerth. Full set can be seen here.

This week's tunes are brought to you by The Like. Thanks to my besty Tracy, during a recent road trip/everyday adventure she popped on one of their tunes and proclaimed I would shortly fall in love. DONE and done! These MODern vixens have all the sass of the 60's songstresses with a lovely edge...Enough to make you twist and shout.

This week's lusty-dish is not of the wardrobe kind, but that of the anticipation of the Tim Burton exhibition at LACMA coming in May (previews in April). I am truly blissed to the max that they're bringing the hugely popular interactive experience from N.Y.C. to my hometown! The show is supposed to be larger and more grandiose than the former, featuring new walk through installations, including the topiaries from Edward Scissorhands! Count down begins now. Weeeee!


Compliments of this fabulous Etsy store! I am smitten with all of their super inspiring art!!!

Yarn Bombing. Textile Graffiti. Beautifying the sterile and stark one stitch at a time. The art of knitting by night and taking over public spaces with a sneak attack of hook-and-hand glory has been seeping into my neighborhood the past few years. And I LOVE it! Taking the mundane and ordinarily overlooked objects of everyday and jazzing them up with an anonymous art installation is a sure fire way to add a smile to someone's day. So thank you ladies and gents, keep clacking those sticks and weaving your magic in cities around the world! To join the brigade and create your own check out this site. Or google Yarn Bombing in your city for local meet ups!

Ciao Bella! Snuggles and candy drop kisses!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

OOTD: Dottie does lunch

This week I had a lunch date with my partner in crime Tracy, aka my wifey, for a marathon catch up session, and brainstorming madness...We grabbed a bite at a darling little Deco cafe that serves d-lish veggie options, complete with black and white decor and ambiance pouring out the door, with the cherry on top being "To Catch a Thief" playing in the background....J'adore!!!

Spazzing for...

...Cary Grant and Strawberry Crepes, but of course!

Coffee with a side of cleavage. 


Idol: Gidget

Mantra: "Yummy yummy for my tum tum tummy"...aka Strawberry crepes are D-vine!

Soundtrack: "Polka dots and moonbeams" -Frank Sinatra

The Wardrobe:

Dress: Vintage, hand made, purchased on my honeymoon.
Shades: Forever21
Blossom Dearie Ring: Forever21
Hair Bow: Vintage from Stray Cat
Patent Leather Pursie: Vintage flea market find
Tights: Betsey Johnson
Too Die For White Talon Polish: Sally Hansen @ Target


Friday, January 21, 2011

OOTD: Pinky Palooza

Idol: Betsey Johnson meets Peggy Bundy

Mantra: "To you from me, Pinky Lee"- Rizzo

Soundtrack: "Cotton Candy" Amanda Lepore

The Wardrobe:
Slips: layered, pink over black, both vintage, flea market finds

Leopard cardi: Forever 21

Scarf: Alexander McQueen (doubled up, and worn as hair bow )

Belt: Forever 21

Bracelets: Tarina Tarantino

Ring: Femme Metale


Linkie Love!

More from what's been stirring about in my noggin' this week, plenty to keep you from watching the clock whilst whittling away the minutes as your weekend of fabulousness approaches....

Amanda Lepore is D-Vine Dhaaaaaling! She IS glamour. 

This is visually yummy, enticingly witty, and incredibly inspiring! (Kinda have a massive creative crush on Gordon-Levitt!) Check out his project of mass participation in the ways of collaboration and the continuation of this magical story at:

Have you ever asked yourself what you would try if you knew you wouldn't fail? It's one of those oh crapola moments that really gets your head spinning! Realizing how many things we talk ourselves out of based upon fear of failure and self doubt can be an eye opener. One of our largest obstacles in life is our inner censor, the little voice that whispers the lofty excuses "I could if..." or  "I would but...", and other times it just shuts our creative hearts down and screams "No. You can't do THAT." 
We need to learn to reply with "Hell yeah I can, watch me!" and realize some of what we perceive we're capable of has been imposed upon us by society, media, parents, and unsupportive peers. They're weren't necessarily being malicious,  but were most likely speaking from their own misguided censor. So, it's not to late. It's NEVER too late to seize the moment, reach for the stars, and chase after your dreams. Every. Single. One. Need a little homework in this area? One of my favorite books for shutting your censor down.

Still have my dusty little 1st edition!
This week I've been curled up with one of my kitschy little faves. Don't let the mondo cuteness of this book deceive you, it is chalk full of fabulous advice on how to rock your life to it's full potential, and extremely heartfelt moments you share with the authorette. A fun and touching read, it was actually geared at young tweens (sadly wasn't published until I was a bit older) but crosses the age barrier with style and grace. The Pesky Meddling Girl's Guide has a great DIY esthetic channeling Gurrrrl Zines of the 90's with an uber Glam vibe! The technicolor pages are layed out in an interactive journal style for you to pour your little heart out in ink, and find inspiration within yourself. Jennifur Brandt's unique style and positively sparkling personality garnered her a huge celeb following who raved about this little gem. I Still love looking back through it, and seeing what 18 year old me thought of the world, my hopes and dreams. It will always be on the book shelf right next to my pillow, so it's an easy reach for midnight encouragement, inspiration, and a cozy dose of nostalgia. So, ask yourself....Are you a Pesky Meddling Girl?.....pick up a copy here for the answer: Life Is A Movie Starring You!
I highly recommend reading up about the the moxie maven herself, she has her roots set in the halls of high school passing around her own Grrl Zine, which led her on a fantabulous journey to becoming an editor at Elle Girl, and style pals with Anna Sui! Article here: Jennifur Brandt dishes with Teen Reads and a must stop, her blog!  Trรจs Inspirant!

*Update* While flipping through my original copy last night, :::gulp::: the pages fell to the floor, one by one. I have finally worn through it. So SO sad! Must get a new copy to read and stow her away for safe keeping.

Photos by Huge Lippe Model: Ginta Lupina for Exit Magazine Spring 2010. Tantalize your seeing globes here with the full layout.

This week's music to my ears has been mainly a lot of jazz greats, via The Chairman himself (my namesake) Frank Sinatra, Etta James, Michael Buble, Count Basey, etc. Mmmmmmm is the sounds my heart makes... 

LUST: New Betsey. Eye candy. Torture. But I can still lust after it...


This is a super quick crafty, easy enough for all skill levels! (And Purrrrrfect for that fetching Valentine's outfit you have planned!) Heartbreaker Hattie how to, via Audrey Kitsching on Cut Out + Keep.

P.S. Please stick with me folks, there's something wonky about Blogger's formatting that keeps going on the fritz. Not quite getting a handle on this yet! 

Now go out the there and sparkle my lovies!!!

  ♥ Frankie

OOTD: THE DL...Deetz, Lydia

It's no mistake that I often end up channeling my favorite characters into my daily wardrobe. A costumer by nature, it can't be helped. This day I felt particularly :::ahem::: Deetz-y. Honing a bit of Lydia with my own twist, I wandered the streets snapping pics of the "strange and unusual", followed by an evening curled up with a copy of "The Glam Ghouls Guide to the Recently Deceased."

Mantra: "My whole life is a dark room. One...Big...Dark...Room..." -Lydia Deetz

Soundtrack: "Pictures of You" The Cure 

The Wardrobe:
Hat: Vintage, gift from Kelly !!! purchased at Gasoline Alley.

Dress: Vintage. (reworked the sad sleeves by chopping off some length and leaving the ruffled cap.) Purchased for $3 (!!!!) during a super sale at Shareen's top secret vintage haven
My gal pal (and fashion muse extraordinaire) is a style maven there. (rockin' DREAM job!) 
Shareen's is a magical warehouse overflowing with racks of textile treasures from bygone eras with a huge clientele based in the Hollywood "It"crowd. Note: Bring a bib. Drool worthy goods as far as the eye can see.

Docs: Fleamarket find (Again, my main trompers worn on a daily basis. You will see them. A lot.)

Holga: purchased on Amazon. Cult icon of the camera world, and worthy of the hype. J'adore. 


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Linkie Love! What's brewing in my noggin' from this week...

Here's the condensed version of what's been tickling my noodle the past few days, read on you delicious dhaaaalng you!

For budding magazine owner's, writers, and entrepreneurs, turn that pile of dreams into you're own glossy with MagCloud. I am sooooo on board for this! 

Download the original grrrl zines here

For my lil punk-ettes, a quick fix if you have netflix "Punk The Early Years" is available on instant watch. I just enjoyed it for the third time, the doc gives a fantastic view of the U.K. scene and it's forerunners (Some since forgotten, but none the less important.) This gritty visual candy is rough-cut and rabid! As it should be. No HD in the 70's, so enjoy it for the time capsule it is.
(This is a good one to have rolling in the background while you putter around cleaning, doing homework, or plotting your next move in releasing anarchy upon the world...or just your household.)

                            Generation X clip from the documentary "Punk The Early Years"

Now that we have the wildly creative, in your face, power to people vibes going, take a look at this article I found while perusing one of my fave blogs: Daily Mail Slams Burly-Q There seems to be a lot of backlash against burlesque in the U.K.... I highly suggest following up with Jo Boobs response found on her blog here (my original source for the article): Burlesque Daily 

Kitten Deville by Don Spiro
How does this make you feel? Hopefully you'll fall in with my lot, and be motivated to whirl a fabulous tassel as a big F-to the-U in their direction. It's unfortunate that people feel the need to be so down right nasty about things that make them uncomfortable. If it irks you, then don't look. When one feels the need to go an extra step to tear someone down it's just a clue that something lies deep within themselves that they're trying to stifle, and sadly, keeps them from reaching their full potential as a creative being. ANY man or woman (and those in between) that has the confidence to celebrate their bodies and express themselves in any shape or form is D-vine in my book!
Lesson learned: We can take an article like this and use it as glittering fuel to further a community. It can be made into a positive experience, and motivation to keep those shimmies going!

Fragments on
Speaking of literary thrills, I received "Fragments; Poems, Intimate Notes, Letters by Marilyn Monroe" for my birthday. I'm a Marilyn fiend as many are. I find her fascinating, and have since I was a glossy eyed kiddo peeking up at "Gentleman Prefer Blondes" from my toddling position of rug rat.

Original diary entries, etc. have been scanned and preserved, featured alongside the editor's notes. Thank goodness someone found this long forgotten box of treasures in the back of a closet! 

This book, or rather, collection gives a unique glimpse into the mind of the screen goddess. With her deepest insecurities, dream analysis, and highest hopes written her by her own hand, it endears Marilyn to the reader even more, and parallels her to our own daily struggles of living, loving and channeling our creative potential. Definitely a beautiful read.


Above images shot by Jean-Baptiste Mondino for the french magazine Numero. A little bit Vegas showgirl, a little bit punk, a little bit you must go look at it now! View full layout here! 

Currently enjoying Pandora by bouncing between my "Runaways" and "Generation X" channels. With a surplus of attitude, energy and shoutable lyrics this mix has me moving! The Ramones, Sex Pistols, The Clash, Blondie, Social Distortion, Veruca Salt and mucho more to tantalize the ears!

Accessories are the easiest way to breathe some fresh air into your wardrobe, especially when you're on a budget! Here's my drooool worthy du jour:

Dorothy Docs: $106.00
Lil Bonnie Blue Bow headband: $9.99
Desperately Seeking Susie-Q gloves: $6.80
Kiss Me Deadly studs: $6.99


Photography fanatics, if you have an SLR then take a stab at FreeLensing to mix it up, add depth to your images, capture uber dramatic night shots, and discover a new way to look at the world. LOVE this!!!!

Have a look at what other freelensing novices are discovering at the Flickr group. And here's one more article on it, explaining to proceed with caution, but nothing ventured...

Now go get 'um my lovely!

YOU are gorgeous! Grrrrrrrrr!!!!


                              Hugs, love and lashes. (of the false variety, not whipping. ouch.)
                                                                       ♥ Frankie

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Eye candy and Inspiration!

A little yum for your peepers while I round up some goodies for the week! You're welcome dollface!

The divine one, Bowie.

Hugs, Love and Moonbeams!


Oh make me over....

Rose McGowan By Ellen Von Unwerth

I'm a slight creature of habit when it comes to my daily make up routine, not that I don't looooove a good  glittery shadow,  but these are the absolute staples for moi: 

Blush: Urban Decay in Quickie
Eyeliner: Loreal H.I.P. creme liner in black (The best at staying put, and for achieving the purrrfect cat eye!)
Lip balm: Lip smackers in Cotton Candy for sweet kisses and instant moisturizing (I have the ridiculously giant 4" one so it doesn't get lost in my purse)
Mascara: Anything that would make Tammy Faye proud, currently sporting *Fairy Drops* after a pal turned me onto it.
Lipstick: MAC Ruby Woo
Foundation: Bare Minerals in Fair
Talons and toes : Sally Hansen's Insta-Dry in Rapid Red (Because I cannot sit still long enough for polish to dry, untimely itches and puppy petting usually interferes. Besides, it is THE perfect shade of crimson!)

Jayne Mansfield

So what's in your cosmetic carousel dhaaaling?


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