Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Lovelies: A bit to oggle your brain and assault your senses!

A few tidbits to tantalize your noodle and unleash your creative sparkle......Brace your pantaloons, this is a a tad on the longie, making up for last weeks rushed flurry of posting!....

Behold.....Rachel Brice, the international tribal fusion bellydancer extraordinaire.... (This should be one of those Wayne's World "we're not worthy" moments.)
For about 7-8 years now, this woman has been an endless source of inspiration for me. Gypsy glam meets vaudevillian temptress. With moves that could charm the skin off a snake. She is positively hypnotizing, when she takes the stage, you can feel the aura of the entire audience change. Utter silence and awe sweep over every single person in the room, it's like you're peeking through a precious window of the past, a fleeting moment where you know the woman slinking about could very well have held her own with the best of Ziegfeld's flock. I suggest you catch her on tour with The Indigo if you ever have a chance. It is gauranteed to be an evening you will not soon forget. Just ask Tracy, my latest convert...

Since we're on the subject...Drink up all that is dazzling about said lady de dance...

Do you ever feel you have so many dreams you may just combust into a flurry of overwhelmed bits of creative dust bunnies? Does it sometimes give you the jeebies that you might not be able to accomplish them, and find yourself talking your way out of committing, moving forward. etc. chalking them up as another hair-brained scheme that never should have been? Well knock it off sister (ahem, or brother darling!) Channel your inner Rosie the Riveter and give yourself the greatest gift, the confidence that you CAN do it! I don't care what it is, how grand a scheme, or silly a dream. If you have the heart, you'll find your world around you will begin to mold it's way down the path to bigger, better, and far greener, glittering pastures you may have missed. I love the challenge of accomplishing some wild goal I've dreamt of since I was a child, model on the covers of international magazines? Check! Launch my own successfully unique quirky costume line? Done! Craft makeup magic and hair delights on indie film sets in Hollywood, yup. Travel in far off countries, all by myself? OUI!....The bejeweled bottom line, my dearies, is that you can run with your dreams and find yourself living them. So, tonight before your lovely cheek hits that silken pillow, ask yourself, what twinkling delight your heart desires most right now. And wake up with a new found purpose....

My very first post here on my wee little blog, in the not so distant past, was about my enthrallment with the new costume drama heading for the big screen...Water for Elephants. In need of a good read since I obliterated last week's book in my stuck-in-bed sickee state, I had to nab a new copy today so I could brush up before running, well, clamoring, to see it as soon as it hits theatres. I will repeat, *and often* how dearly I've always wanted to run away with the circus. (:::ahem::: Regarding above post, note one of my long standing goals is to perform in a cirque of some kind, working on it now!!! Keep ya posted!)

This literary drama whisks you away to the age of glamour and showmanship, where whisps of silk chiffon danced across the center ring with glints of slightly tainted stones reflecting the twinkle in your eye as you watched the chorus girls dazzle with their charms, the trapezists perched precariously above your head, the master of ceremonies in the midst, tantalizing and tiptoeing with danger....But this is only the tip of slightly worn top hat....Behind the big top lurks a world of intrigue, romance, lust, revenge, and creative souls longing to soar in a dying art.......
Check out my previous post for sneak peeks at the drool worthy glam de garb, and a run down on the flick!

While writing this blog-a-doodle my music meandered to my fave pondering-mondo-inspiring bootie shaker playlist which features heavily the tribal-vaudevillian-nouveau techno sounds of Beats Antique. Not everybody's cup-o-tea, granted I know, but it's what tickles my fancy at the moment....

NYFW wrapped up with little to be left to make the mind wander and bend around the endless possibilities of creative expression through fashion, with the exception of Betsey Johnson. *Of course!*
But, most inspiring was not the appearance of her drop dead delectable dresses and eye candy prints. It was her casting for the new "Pink Patch" half of her show. *(Pink Patch will be her under $100, kinder to your glittering purse strings diffusion line, coming this fall. Squeeeeel! Swoooon!)*
Betsey had me all a twitter over the fact that she sent tattooed ladies, preggeroo mama jammas, gloriously gay men, and curvy femmes, all selected from her actual employees, led down the catwalk by the queen of bloggie heaven Ms. Gala Darling herself! It was a lusty sight to behold indeed, with the added anticipation of the fact that many of these little 'fits will slide nicely into my closet with fewer grumbles from my wallet......

Honorable mention goes to Marc Jacobs for giving it a-go-go with polka dots, and pairing with the saint of all millinery Stephen Jones........Oh Mr. Jones how your hatties send me!

Just reaffirming our Ponder topic for you my dearies!.....

Hell yeah wall hanging!!! By Cathe. 
Kitschy Coo-Coo wall hangings make your heart do the happy dance? Well fear no more, here's one blogger's guide to crafting your very own masterpiece.

Well, I'm off for a wild adventure in the desert wilderness, camping ahoy! Cannot wait to read by the crackling fire beneath a full moon, with a canopy of stars to snuggle under....Happy weekending my dhaaaaaalings!


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Things I Love Thursday....aka my kiss to the universe, a gathering of the goodies that made my heart do the happy dance this week.....

I've been attempting to climb out of this heinous flu-typhoon I was swept up in last week, so first of all, mondo thankful for getting out of bed. Weeehoo!
...Yellow roses from my fella while I was sick in bed, he said he picked the sunny hue "to make me smile". Mission accomplished. Getting sneak peeks at super top secret projects with my creative besty Shannon Brooke. SO good, made my heart swell up and skip a beat.

Veggie Tum Yum Thai soup. The soothing, hypnotic beats of Ry Cooder & Manuel Galban. Puppy snuggles and cozy vintage comforters. Ginger tea with honey and lemon.

This look from Betsey's runway, featuring a shoulder pouf of felted poppies, which reminded me of a costume I made last year for Dia De Los Muertos. Bettah bet I will be busting that out to wear again soooooon!

And these Valentine's waiting for me in my message box from my best glam pal, Tracy! Le sigh...She really knows what makes my heart tick...

What made you smile from ear to ear this week?

♥ Frankie

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Closet Confections: Green was the color that she wore...

Idol: Ann-Margret

Soundtrack: "Los Twangueros" -Ry Cooder & Manuel Galban

Mantra: "Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring."-Marilyn Monroe

Tie Me Up in Love Top: Vintage, flea market
Spotty Naughty Hot Pants: Vintage, purchased at Elsewhere Vintage
Beatnik Bettie Beret: Vintage
Why of Corse-t Leggings: Betsey Johnson
Vampy Shades: Forever21

♥ Frankie

Friday, February 11, 2011

Linkie Love!

Another dose of creative pick me ups to get your mind a-humming with joy.....

POP! for your PULP.  Art by Niagara Detroit

I really could have every wall in my little apartment plastered with Niagara Detroit.'s femme fatales. A former front woman in the punk scene, she moved on to channeling her grit and glam into a mash up of pulp and pop. Niagara brings new life to the canvas with in your face dames and eye popping colors. Not sure it's humanly possible to choose a favorite from among her work!

"Pushing Daisies"
A pie maker with the unique gift of bringing things back to life. A private detective with a knack for knitting. A waitress who belts out Broadway numbers for her unfulfilled amour. A dead girl named Chuck, who is not quite dead anymore. And a beloved eatery with a rooftop in the shape of a delectable dessert!

Divine vintage costuming. Vibrantly witty banter. A modern Scooby Gang with a Tim Burton twist. And at risk of sounding full on double rainbow, It's SO vivid!!! Seriously. The color palette on this show is pop in your face eye candy, similar in style to Amelie. Unfortunately this little gem suffered when the writer's strike put a halt to all production in Hollywood and got the axe when the network scrambled to catch up. The producer was literally given 1 minute and 45 seconds to wrap up all the loose ends on the show during the 2nd season, being told it was canceled and production would cease immediately. Mega heartbreaking! Pushing Daisies still has a huge following and is sure to become a cult classic. In short, go watch it. Now! Netflix instant watch has both seasons up! (P.S. this little trailer does NOT do the show justice, but was the best I could find!)

Last weekend I took a quick bike ride down to the local flea market and nabbed two A-mazing books on the golden age of Hollywood! I immediately sank into a haven of bubbles (the bath is my favorite reading spot!) and found myself lost in the pages until the sun came up!
The nitty gritty....."The MGM Girls" is riveting, one of the last team of author's to interview the stars while they were still alive, gathering first hand accounts of life behind the silver screen.
Ava Gardner, Joan Crawford, Liz Tayor, Greta Garbo.... These women were the glowing faces of MGM's glory days, drawing in audiences with their charm, wit, and :::ahem::: assets. But these women were "made." Cultivated from doe eyed gals, fresh of the train, drawn to the allure of glittering lights and cinema magic. Created by a powerhouse overseen by one power hungry man, Louis B. Mayer, the founder and president of MGM, who had a knack for turning on his female stars, and holding their careers and dreams in the palm of his (often groping) hand.

Ava Gardner
Excerpt from the back cover. "He wasn't worried about finding handsome men to support the birds of paradise he planned to import. It was far less than a decade since the end of World War I. Dashing pilots, cavalry officers, and stalwart ex-lieutenants crowded around the studio gates to get extra work.
Nope, men weren't the problem. Louis B. Mayer needed a stable of girls so alluring, so exciting, so beautifully dressed that they would be the foundation for a billion-dollar harem to entrance the world....For the gifts lavished on them, no sacrifice would be too great a repayment...And since it was he, Louis B. Mayer who would dress them, pamper them, and then hand them the opiate of fame and power, they would be his "family"...Daddy's little girls."

Now don't let this little excerpt fool you. Mayer was definitely a creep. But, these women gave him a run for his money, and often stood up for themselves, many not caving to his abuse and threats. (Most notoriously Joan Crawford. Get it gurrrrl!)
This book transports you to a time when crimson stained the lips of leading ladies, when torrent love affairs were dashed out by the studios, romance, adventure, heartbreak, and the last glimmer of Hollywood's heart beat, this read is a must for anyone who craves a peek into the hey day of the screen sirens.

Review of "Gone Hollywood" coming soon, but so far I can say it's fab!
*Note: both books seem to be out of print, being from the 70's, but online spots like have copies, so definitely give them a search, and add these delicious tell-alls to your bookcase!

I want this in my life. Now the challenge of finding who made it ensues...... via: Peewee's Playhouse Tumblr


Are you as cardigan-ly obsessed as I? Nothing pulls together a cute little ensemble better than a sweet little cardi. They're an easy way to add a pop of color and protect your skin from sun exposure on a daily basis. Over in the Craftster forums I stumbled upon TeenageRebeloftheWeek's post on how to take a dumpy thrifted men's sweater (aka "jumper" if you're across the pond) into a sleek n' chic fitted cover for your curves. Instant sweater kitten glam! The tutorial may seem daunting, but it's pretty basic and should suit all sewing skill levels! Happy stitching!

Sorry my lovies, it's a shorter post this week, but it's the wee small hours of the morning and I need to be fresh faced and perky for an early am adventure in the creative!

Hugs, Love, and Sunshine Kisses!


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Things I Love Thursdays

In celebration of life's lovely blessings, from the simple tingles of the morning sunshine kissing a patch of skin, to the mind-bending moments of universal syncronicrity here are a few of my favorite things from this week.....

Some of my fave   photos I snapped this week 
Eating fresh fruit off the tree, oranges, guavas, passion fruit. YUM. This amazing interview featuring my besty, and uber talented photo maven Shannon Brooke. (Made me smile from ear to ear!) She & Him, Volume One. Le sigh. Following around the honeybee crew at Backyard Bees snapping pics and learning sooooo very much about these fascinating little winged darlings. Afternoon walks through my haven (see post below). Lunch dates with my wifey, looped up on caffeine, covering everything from my former job as male brazilian waxer (for realsies) to breaking through creative blocked mumbo jumbo. Picking up my little ukulele and making her sing! Honey, fresh from the hive, comb and all, now that's raw!

This little fella who I stumbled upon lying in the grass. I gave him a bit of water and some snuggles while he nestled on my knee for a bit, before testing his wings and taking to the sky.   

Bike rides to the flea market, and finding divine little treasures! This Tumblr dedicated to the truly travel lusty!!! Eating organic, home grown veggies and eggs fresh from the hen house. Glowing happy skin and extra energy from said d-lish vegathon. Pushing Daisies marathons. J'adore!!!!!

And so soooo much more! What was your creme de le creme for the week? Anything in particular make your heart do the pitter patter?

Hugs, love and California kisses,


Closet Confections: "Forestial Fancy"

Do you have a secret place where you run to when you need a moment to decompress and just let your soul hum? Is there a hidden nook that makes you feel positively blissful from your coiffure to your toes? This is a peek into my little "zen den" which takes form in a magically hypnotic stretch of wild land tucked away in the middle of the city.

Winding paths meander through a canopy of entangled oak trees and lazy vines. Perfectly inspiring, creatively charging, and truly mystical. I feel like I'm in my own little fairy tale lost in the woods, surrounded by a bustling city that doesn't know what it's missing out on. This is my favorite secret spot that my happy feet trot to several times a week. Our pups love to frolic through the knee tickling wisps of grass.   Mmmmmmm is the sound my heart makes.


Idol: you Snow who...

Mantra: "What was she like? Snow, cream, marble, cherries, alabaster, golden wire? None of these. She was like a fox, or an olive tree; like the waves of the sea when you look down upon them from a great height; like an emerald; like a sun on a green hill which is yet still clouded." - Virginia Woolf, "Orlando" 1928

Soundtrack: "Why do you let me stay here" - She & Him

The Wardrobe:
My little Buttercup Dress: Vintage, flea market find.
Bees Knees Hair Bow: Vintage, estate sale.
Mismatched sock-it-to-me duo: Betsey Johnson
Blue Not So Suede Shoes: Converse
Bangles Galore: Tarina Tarantino & Vintage


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