Thursday, March 31, 2011

Closet Confections: Backyard Bettie

Idol: Gene Kelly meets Wonder Woman
Mantra: Ces bottes sont faites pour marcher
Soundtrack: "Honeysuckle Rose"- Django Reinhardt
The Wardrobe:

Beatnik Beret: vintage, fleamarket
Cherry Bomb Cardi: Roadkill Ranch, Fullerton
Frill Me Hot Pants: Forever21 
Peek-a-boob Brazier: Betsey Johnson
Burtonesque umBrelly: vintage, fleamarket
Midnight Tights: Target
Ruby Stompers: Target (my rainy day classics)

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Things I Luuuurve Thursday....The woah I haven't blogged in ages edition:

Loving the whirlwind weeks whizzing past, brimming to the top with adventures, consisting of, but not limited to:

Topless photo shoots in the forest, (tatas ahoy!) midnight walks in the rain, & coffee dates with my ShannyCakes.
Desert camping shenanigans complete with snow, rainbows, and moonlight fires.
Dear friend's surprise elopements, followed by secret baby showers, swing dancing in the morning, and evenings spent snuggling on the porch listening to the rain with my besty.
Midnight knitting sessions with bits of yarn twirling about, compliments of mischievous kittens.

The Beatles spinning into the wee small hours of the morn...*Pics by moi

All night art explosions, nose buried in stacks of books with glass of wine and sketch pad at the ready, set to the hypnotizing crackle of records spinning.
Morning yoga and meditation....Mmmmm my body hums.
Emergency uber-drag photo shoots for my glammy gal Natasha's portfolio that landed her the job as head MUA on Ru-Paul's Drag-U!!!! SO proud of her!!! Followed by midnight runs to "Queens Donuts". Truly fitting...
Bachelorette parties on the fly, ending with blinking boas, and the bride to be dancing on stage with AJ Popov. If you frequent the Slidebar, it happens....

Rosie Posie pic by me

Jasmine laced breezes, spring downpours, and the faint rustle of mother nature shifting seasons.
Beekeeping in vintage dresses. Coffee dates with my wifey at Noir themed cafes. Out of control evenings fueled by whiskey and jenga with pals.

...And SO much more!!! Stay tuned for oodles of in depth delvies into all of the above with lots of pictorial delights!


Friday, March 4, 2011

So I've been a little MIA, and not in a femme rapper way...

We shall return to your normal "Broad"- cast shortly...

Sorry for the desolate gap in posty-bits lately! It's been a whirlwind two weeks with me bouncing from couch to futon, pink 60's samsonite suitcase of vintage dresses in tow, leaving a trail of bobby pins and false eyelashes ala hansel and gretel in my wake. (Seriously, ask Tracy, I shed them like leaves from a tree in fall.)

There will be oodles of posts to tantalize your every fantastical whim just over the horizon...We have much to catch up on. Just stick with me my lovies!



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