Thursday, April 21, 2011

Off on an adventure, be back to your regularly scheduled programming soon!


Remember Viva from Christoph Wick on Vimeo.

As you read this, I'll be jetting across the desert with my glamourous gal pal Danielle aka Madame Pomadour, dust covering the sky behind us, whirling about the hot pink delight that is her car, as we make a bee line to one of my favorite events, Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender.

4 Days and nights filled with ladies and fellas dressed to the nines, rockin' tunes, cars to drool over as far as the eye can see, and many wild and craaaazy nights, the kind legends are made of. Can't wait to get back and share with you. Lots of love and hugs!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Closet Confections: Bee-line Baby

 A brief glimpse of my truly blissed out day filled with spontaneous bike rides, chasing honeybees & rescuing hives, discovering my love for boba could be expressed fully in the form of a  trough-like cup the size of my head (aka poor decision making in the caffeine department hehehe) and a quick fix in the written kitsch department, both books on my to buy list, divine! Did, however, come home with a copy of a fab Liz Taylor biography. Deets as soon as I'm done devouring it! 

Idol: Audrey & Audrey...Hepburn meets Tautou 
Mantra: Peachy Keen Jelly Bean
Soundtrack: "That Time" by Regina Spektor
The Wardrobe:

Kiss o' Sunshine dress: vintage
Flatter-me Dhaaaling shoes: Target
Beltin' out: Forever21
Bangles, Baubles, n' Beads: Tarina Tarantino & vintage

Sunday, April 3, 2011

T*iLt...Sunday Edition

Artwork by Rozzenn Buthuon

A taste of what tickled my fancy this week:
Endless Edward Scissorhands inspired art swirling about tumblr due to the 20th Anniversary!
Balmy breezes rustling through the palm trees swaying above my bedroom window.
White nail polish that makes the tips of my fingers glow like moonlight in the dark.
My neighbor belting out show tunes from the top of his lungs while doing dishes at 4am.
Barefoot walks to the park with my pups, the serendipity of life, chasing honeybees with my camera.
Knitting & coffee dates over skype with my besty.

This news about Archie comics first gay character! (Kevin Keller = *hero) Grew up reading Archie, SO so happy!

Wearing all of these accessories layered, right now!

Typing this post in my polka dot bikini because California skipped spring and headed straight for that sizzling summer heat (though so sad the ran has run away)

Hula hooping while my nails dry = multitasking. Vs. Magazines "live" site with vintage tele clips featuring Jane Russell show tunes, and 50's fashion icons. Carmen Miranda style-spiration and over piling on the accessories.
My wifey's blog!!!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Muse Me, Use Me.

Oil on panel by Brian Tull

This week was chock full of those pinch me moments, where things just pop up and bring an uncontrollably goofy grin to my face, the cherry on top was receiving an email about this painting of me by Brian Tull!

You can imagine how flattered and absolutely giddy I was!
The ultimate goal out of everything I do is to inspire someone else, spark creativity, and spread art in every form, like wildfire, until it seeps into the very core of our daily lives. 
Expression can be like a glittering tumbleweed effect, picking up hidden gems across a barren canvas, swiftly building until it can't be stopped.
So whenever I am contacted by an amazing artist who expressed their own perspective through whatever medium of a project I did, I am whisked away to a sublime state of gratitude. 

Detail of Brian's painting

The d-lish painting references my photo by Shannon Brooke, featured in Metal Farm magazine a few years back, and it made my jaw drop. He has heart, soul and talent, that shows through his work. Feeling truly blissed to the max! A BIG thank you to Brian! Please visit his site and facebook for more of his vintage inspired work, this man is brewing like a thunderstorm, on the brink of overtaking the scene with his velvety rich images and fine eye for the delectable details of composition...

Original photo featured in Metal Farm Magazine

Friday, April 1, 2011

Tickle 'yer Noodle...

Lillian Bassman at 92.

Fall into a dreamscape etched in deep licorice black tones and smokey scenes that is the world as seen by photographer Lillian Bassman. 94 years young, and still snapping that lens, Lillian has managed to capture decades of style dripping in glamour, rich textures, and surreal images...

 I love all these little quirky mini flicks that keep popping up. They're instant gratification laced with catchy tunes and visual inspiration. Definitely detecting a hint of Breakfast at Tiffany's with a modern twist...( found via Perfectly Swell, a darling bloggie!)

Y-U-M. Pure visual nom noms. "Tutti Frutti" shot by Ellen Von Unwerth in VS. Magazine U.K Spring/Summer 2011.
I highly recommend running out and grabbing a copy of this issue, front to back glossy goodness, oozing with pages of extraordinary delights! *(available in U.S. at Barnes & Noble)

I stumbled across this lovely lady when she popped up on my pandora playlist, and instantly became enamored with her breathy, slightly twangy-bluesy style. I simply adore the lyrics to "Dusty Boxcar Wall", but her album "Sea of Tears" reeled me in!  Perfect fitting for scribbling in your journal on a rainy day, train rides up the coast, and cross country trips down dust laden roads.

P.S. Here's an instant way to expand your musical repertoire: BeatsAntique graciously gifted their 2nd album to their fans, via a gloriously gratis download here. Yup. It's free-a-rooni!!! If you're into gypsy funk, egyptian dubstep, folk punk, hoppin' beats, and bootie shaking tunes laced with violins, accordions, saws, and pianos, then pop on over and nab some new tunes to get your shimmy going! My absolute fave is "Beauty Beats"!

Oh the internet, how clicking can whisk you away and lead you to other fabulously creative ladies, lusties, and fashion delights! After a bit of sleuthing I tracked down the culprits for the cuteness explosion above: Red Velvet's Spring line is delectable! Very Mia Farrow, no?! The little lemon and black and white chevron striped # are begging to be mine...

Art by Aimee Dolich


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