Friday, July 22, 2011

Linkie Lovelies: The Mish Mash of all I adore edition!

The Beatles By Mike Mitchell
Never before seen photos of The Beatles surfaced this week, my ever beating teeny bopper heart was, of course, all a flutter. This little peek into the mayhem that swept through America the moment the fabbies hit the states in 1964 was captured by.....18 year old fan (wowza talent!) Mike Mitchell who managed to finagle his way backstage and into their hearts. The set of snaps is going up for auction at Christie's, let's hope with a catalog for the rest of us! 

Carmen for Vanity Fair Italia by Ruven Afandor
Carmen Modeling in the 1940's, photographer unkown

by Ruven Afandor
"The World's Oldest Working Model" Carmen Dell'Orefice turned 80 last month. I know it's a wee bit late, but I had to throw this magnificent femme on your radar in case she hadn't popped before your peepers previously. Inspirational? Hell yes!

So, wearing a skirt whilst riding a bike in NYC is "apparently illegal" and warrants harassment by law enforcement?......Umm.....Well lock me up and throw away the key, because this is a daily offense I commit. Have a feeling there will be a mass skirted bike riding in homage to the "slut walks" that recently took a stand against this kind of nonsense. 

Everyone's favorite vaudevillians are making an epic film, documenting their 15 year journey from campfire minstrels to world tours featuring the best in tin pan alley worthy tunes, tribal fusion bellydance, and cirque burlesque. The Yard Dogs Road Show Kickstarter campaign has only 14 days left! Help out your fellow captains of the creative and donate today, $5 is a lovely way to support the arts, even if we're all in a pinch. After all, where would we be without music, love, inspiration, and laughter?...They even have sweet little gifties for donors, from home made corn bread, cloche hats, to lifetime YDRS tickets!

Also on the auction front, Christie's has a very special estate on the horizon....That of the one and only Elizabeth Taylor with a portion of proceeds going to her AIDS foundation. The Rockefeller Center Gallery will feature her infamous jewels, wardrobe, memorabilia, and art in a public exhibition beginning December 3rd. 

There will be lamé turbans and high ball worthy baubles a plenty, guaranteed! Alas, this is truly "Lusty the High Rollers Edition" but we can still go gaggle in person and pretend for a moment, right?....Just another reason I need to visit NYC this holiday season...Perhaps for yours truly's big 29th Bday....hmmmm.
Click here for the full press release.

A few of my favorite eye candy explosions that have popped up on my tumblr this week...

Gloria Swanson

Mamie Van Doren

Palais des Congres-Montreal by Ted John Jacobs

Follow your....By Kooky Love

Photographer & hunk unknown =( But never the less smile inducing! 


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