Sunday, April 3, 2011

T*iLt...Sunday Edition

Artwork by Rozzenn Buthuon

A taste of what tickled my fancy this week:
Endless Edward Scissorhands inspired art swirling about tumblr due to the 20th Anniversary!
Balmy breezes rustling through the palm trees swaying above my bedroom window.
White nail polish that makes the tips of my fingers glow like moonlight in the dark.
My neighbor belting out show tunes from the top of his lungs while doing dishes at 4am.
Barefoot walks to the park with my pups, the serendipity of life, chasing honeybees with my camera.
Knitting & coffee dates over skype with my besty.

This news about Archie comics first gay character! (Kevin Keller = *hero) Grew up reading Archie, SO so happy!

Wearing all of these accessories layered, right now!

Typing this post in my polka dot bikini because California skipped spring and headed straight for that sizzling summer heat (though so sad the ran has run away)

Hula hooping while my nails dry = multitasking. Vs. Magazines "live" site with vintage tele clips featuring Jane Russell show tunes, and 50's fashion icons. Carmen Miranda style-spiration and over piling on the accessories.
My wifey's blog!!!!


Coco L. said...

Kevin all the way!!! And I love your blog and your colorful style, Frankie. It's unique and very refreshing :}

xoxo Coco

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