Saturday, April 2, 2011

Muse Me, Use Me.

Oil on panel by Brian Tull

This week was chock full of those pinch me moments, where things just pop up and bring an uncontrollably goofy grin to my face, the cherry on top was receiving an email about this painting of me by Brian Tull!

You can imagine how flattered and absolutely giddy I was!
The ultimate goal out of everything I do is to inspire someone else, spark creativity, and spread art in every form, like wildfire, until it seeps into the very core of our daily lives. 
Expression can be like a glittering tumbleweed effect, picking up hidden gems across a barren canvas, swiftly building until it can't be stopped.
So whenever I am contacted by an amazing artist who expressed their own perspective through whatever medium of a project I did, I am whisked away to a sublime state of gratitude. 

Detail of Brian's painting

The d-lish painting references my photo by Shannon Brooke, featured in Metal Farm magazine a few years back, and it made my jaw drop. He has heart, soul and talent, that shows through his work. Feeling truly blissed to the max! A BIG thank you to Brian! Please visit his site and facebook for more of his vintage inspired work, this man is brewing like a thunderstorm, on the brink of overtaking the scene with his velvety rich images and fine eye for the delectable details of composition...

Original photo featured in Metal Farm Magazine


Meganne said...

Oh my goodness! This painting is incredible! I would be so flaberghasted if someone painted a picture of me, especially if it was as beautiful as the one Brian did for you!


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