Friday, April 1, 2011

Tickle 'yer Noodle...

Lillian Bassman at 92.

Fall into a dreamscape etched in deep licorice black tones and smokey scenes that is the world as seen by photographer Lillian Bassman. 94 years young, and still snapping that lens, Lillian has managed to capture decades of style dripping in glamour, rich textures, and surreal images...

 I love all these little quirky mini flicks that keep popping up. They're instant gratification laced with catchy tunes and visual inspiration. Definitely detecting a hint of Breakfast at Tiffany's with a modern twist...( found via Perfectly Swell, a darling bloggie!)

Y-U-M. Pure visual nom noms. "Tutti Frutti" shot by Ellen Von Unwerth in VS. Magazine U.K Spring/Summer 2011.
I highly recommend running out and grabbing a copy of this issue, front to back glossy goodness, oozing with pages of extraordinary delights! *(available in U.S. at Barnes & Noble)

I stumbled across this lovely lady when she popped up on my pandora playlist, and instantly became enamored with her breathy, slightly twangy-bluesy style. I simply adore the lyrics to "Dusty Boxcar Wall", but her album "Sea of Tears" reeled me in!  Perfect fitting for scribbling in your journal on a rainy day, train rides up the coast, and cross country trips down dust laden roads.

P.S. Here's an instant way to expand your musical repertoire: BeatsAntique graciously gifted their 2nd album to their fans, via a gloriously gratis download here. Yup. It's free-a-rooni!!! If you're into gypsy funk, egyptian dubstep, folk punk, hoppin' beats, and bootie shaking tunes laced with violins, accordions, saws, and pianos, then pop on over and nab some new tunes to get your shimmy going! My absolute fave is "Beauty Beats"!

Oh the internet, how clicking can whisk you away and lead you to other fabulously creative ladies, lusties, and fashion delights! After a bit of sleuthing I tracked down the culprits for the cuteness explosion above: Red Velvet's Spring line is delectable! Very Mia Farrow, no?! The little lemon and black and white chevron striped # are begging to be mine...

Art by Aimee Dolich


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