Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Closet Confections: Bee-line Baby

 A brief glimpse of my truly blissed out day filled with spontaneous bike rides, chasing honeybees & rescuing hives, discovering my love for boba could be expressed fully in the form of a  trough-like cup the size of my head (aka poor decision making in the caffeine department hehehe) and a quick fix in the written kitsch department, both books on my to buy list, divine! Did, however, come home with a copy of a fab Liz Taylor biography. Deets as soon as I'm done devouring it! 

Idol: Audrey & Audrey...Hepburn meets Tautou 
Mantra: Peachy Keen Jelly Bean
Soundtrack: "That Time" by Regina Spektor
The Wardrobe:

Kiss o' Sunshine dress: vintage
Flatter-me Dhaaaling shoes: Target
Beltin' out: Forever21
Bangles, Baubles, n' Beads: Tarina Tarantino & vintage


ChubbleBubble said...

And I miss you more and more. Love the layout, dollface!! I can't wait to dunk my entire head into some delish boba with youuuuuu!

'Becca'lise said...

Cute! And I have that Charles Phoenix book, autographed! He's just too fun.


I love yellow!!! So pretty dress!!!


Taa said...


Olive Al said...

This is super cute!
My favorite has to be the coffee cup balancing act, which just so happens to flash some classic retro bangles!


Kristen said...

What a fun little dress! You look great in this -I love the color combination.

Frankie said...

Well thanks lovelies!!! Lots more outfit posts now that my camera is fixed. Hip hip hooooray!!!
Oodles of hugs, and please do keep sharing links to your blogs, I LOVE getting to see what you're up to and what inspires you the most.


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