Thursday, February 10, 2011

Things I Love Thursdays

In celebration of life's lovely blessings, from the simple tingles of the morning sunshine kissing a patch of skin, to the mind-bending moments of universal syncronicrity here are a few of my favorite things from this week.....

Some of my fave   photos I snapped this week 
Eating fresh fruit off the tree, oranges, guavas, passion fruit. YUM. This amazing interview featuring my besty, and uber talented photo maven Shannon Brooke. (Made me smile from ear to ear!) She & Him, Volume One. Le sigh. Following around the honeybee crew at Backyard Bees snapping pics and learning sooooo very much about these fascinating little winged darlings. Afternoon walks through my haven (see post below). Lunch dates with my wifey, looped up on caffeine, covering everything from my former job as male brazilian waxer (for realsies) to breaking through creative blocked mumbo jumbo. Picking up my little ukulele and making her sing! Honey, fresh from the hive, comb and all, now that's raw!

This little fella who I stumbled upon lying in the grass. I gave him a bit of water and some snuggles while he nestled on my knee for a bit, before testing his wings and taking to the sky.   

Bike rides to the flea market, and finding divine little treasures! This Tumblr dedicated to the truly travel lusty!!! Eating organic, home grown veggies and eggs fresh from the hen house. Glowing happy skin and extra energy from said d-lish vegathon. Pushing Daisies marathons. J'adore!!!!!

And so soooo much more! What was your creme de le creme for the week? Anything in particular make your heart do the pitter patter?

Hugs, love and California kisses,



Aoife said...

Im in love with your hairband! And that bird is so sweet, cant believe he was just nestling on you, most birds would fly away if you approached them. You must be like Snow White or something!

thomessa said...

Strawberry's are my favorite too!! And Daisy's are such cute flower. And that bird nesting on your knee is so adorable!!!

petticoattales said...

Pushing Daisies, She & Him, Strawberries, honey bees, ukuleles -you're a girl after my own heart! :oD Lisa x

Jessica said...

It IS so key to enjoy the little things each day! Your blog is fabulous, I've just stumbled upon it, but I'm so glad I did so! Also, as a California transplant, props on the "Cali Kisses". ;)

MissV said...

Love the interview with Shannon Brooke! Thanks for sharing!

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