Friday, December 31, 2010

Run away with the circus...

  Step right up, step right up. Beset your peepers upon this tantalizing sight. A glimpse into the magical realm of illusion and intrigue....

Photo taken on set via R.E. on Flickr

Ever since I was a child, I've dreamt of running away with the circus, it was a way to unite all the things I adored while my imagination whittled away the hours. Horseback riding, lavish costumes, a touch of danger, and adventures to cities unknown. This, of course, was always envisioned in technicolor grandeur with just the right amount of grit to make it appealing to little macabre moi.

The carnie in me has been ever present throughout all my life and creative endeavors, from bellydance to my own circus costuming line, I can't seem to step away from stripes and sequins. I even had a circus themed wedding this summer. 

So...much to my hearts delight, I recently ran across stills from the set of "Water for Elephants", based upon the beautiful book by Sara Gruen.

Men in dashing 1930's garb, women with Harlow-esque glamour, you know I'll be watching!
 How to channel the feel of this film into your wardrobe up next...

(You must click this and watch in HD. As your maker, I command you.)

Ummm. P.S. Christoph Waltz can be my ringmaster any day...Yum

Hugs, love, and champagne bubbles!


ChubbleBubble said...

HUGE congrats on your blog, my wifey! Going to run a link you right now...

Um, this looks amazing. We must go see ASAP!!

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