Friday, February 11, 2011

Linkie Love!

Another dose of creative pick me ups to get your mind a-humming with joy.....

POP! for your PULP.  Art by Niagara Detroit

I really could have every wall in my little apartment plastered with Niagara Detroit.'s femme fatales. A former front woman in the punk scene, she moved on to channeling her grit and glam into a mash up of pulp and pop. Niagara brings new life to the canvas with in your face dames and eye popping colors. Not sure it's humanly possible to choose a favorite from among her work!

"Pushing Daisies"
A pie maker with the unique gift of bringing things back to life. A private detective with a knack for knitting. A waitress who belts out Broadway numbers for her unfulfilled amour. A dead girl named Chuck, who is not quite dead anymore. And a beloved eatery with a rooftop in the shape of a delectable dessert!

Divine vintage costuming. Vibrantly witty banter. A modern Scooby Gang with a Tim Burton twist. And at risk of sounding full on double rainbow, It's SO vivid!!! Seriously. The color palette on this show is pop in your face eye candy, similar in style to Amelie. Unfortunately this little gem suffered when the writer's strike put a halt to all production in Hollywood and got the axe when the network scrambled to catch up. The producer was literally given 1 minute and 45 seconds to wrap up all the loose ends on the show during the 2nd season, being told it was canceled and production would cease immediately. Mega heartbreaking! Pushing Daisies still has a huge following and is sure to become a cult classic. In short, go watch it. Now! Netflix instant watch has both seasons up! (P.S. this little trailer does NOT do the show justice, but was the best I could find!)

Last weekend I took a quick bike ride down to the local flea market and nabbed two A-mazing books on the golden age of Hollywood! I immediately sank into a haven of bubbles (the bath is my favorite reading spot!) and found myself lost in the pages until the sun came up!
The nitty gritty....."The MGM Girls" is riveting, one of the last team of author's to interview the stars while they were still alive, gathering first hand accounts of life behind the silver screen.
Ava Gardner, Joan Crawford, Liz Tayor, Greta Garbo.... These women were the glowing faces of MGM's glory days, drawing in audiences with their charm, wit, and :::ahem::: assets. But these women were "made." Cultivated from doe eyed gals, fresh of the train, drawn to the allure of glittering lights and cinema magic. Created by a powerhouse overseen by one power hungry man, Louis B. Mayer, the founder and president of MGM, who had a knack for turning on his female stars, and holding their careers and dreams in the palm of his (often groping) hand.

Ava Gardner
Excerpt from the back cover. "He wasn't worried about finding handsome men to support the birds of paradise he planned to import. It was far less than a decade since the end of World War I. Dashing pilots, cavalry officers, and stalwart ex-lieutenants crowded around the studio gates to get extra work.
Nope, men weren't the problem. Louis B. Mayer needed a stable of girls so alluring, so exciting, so beautifully dressed that they would be the foundation for a billion-dollar harem to entrance the world....For the gifts lavished on them, no sacrifice would be too great a repayment...And since it was he, Louis B. Mayer who would dress them, pamper them, and then hand them the opiate of fame and power, they would be his "family"...Daddy's little girls."

Now don't let this little excerpt fool you. Mayer was definitely a creep. But, these women gave him a run for his money, and often stood up for themselves, many not caving to his abuse and threats. (Most notoriously Joan Crawford. Get it gurrrrl!)
This book transports you to a time when crimson stained the lips of leading ladies, when torrent love affairs were dashed out by the studios, romance, adventure, heartbreak, and the last glimmer of Hollywood's heart beat, this read is a must for anyone who craves a peek into the hey day of the screen sirens.

Review of "Gone Hollywood" coming soon, but so far I can say it's fab!
*Note: both books seem to be out of print, being from the 70's, but online spots like have copies, so definitely give them a search, and add these delicious tell-alls to your bookcase!

I want this in my life. Now the challenge of finding who made it ensues...... via: Peewee's Playhouse Tumblr


Are you as cardigan-ly obsessed as I? Nothing pulls together a cute little ensemble better than a sweet little cardi. They're an easy way to add a pop of color and protect your skin from sun exposure on a daily basis. Over in the Craftster forums I stumbled upon TeenageRebeloftheWeek's post on how to take a dumpy thrifted men's sweater (aka "jumper" if you're across the pond) into a sleek n' chic fitted cover for your curves. Instant sweater kitten glam! The tutorial may seem daunting, but it's pretty basic and should suit all sewing skill levels! Happy stitching!

Sorry my lovies, it's a shorter post this week, but it's the wee small hours of the morning and I need to be fresh faced and perky for an early am adventure in the creative!

Hugs, Love, and Sunshine Kisses!



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