Friday, January 28, 2011

Linkie Love! Happy Friday my Dhaaalings!

Pulled from my glittering tornado of a noodle to brighten or enlighten. To you from me, with love...

Alan Cumming set to play Salvador Dali in a new 3-D art-a-liscous film extravaganza?!... YES please!

Janet Klein and her Parlor Boys. Ukulele goddess, Maven of Moxie and just generally divine!

photo by me!
Repeat the above to yourself. It's TRUE. You ARE!!! Everyday. Every night. In the day time, or shining moonlight. (That's right, I just went Suess on you!) It's your mantra, or homework for the week, if you will. As the divine one RuPaul says, "If you don't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?" You gorgeous cluster of sparkling atoms you.

A few years back I swiped this little hardback off the Barnes N' Noble sale stack. It was begging to be read with it's vibrant cover in the infamously coveted color, and promises of retro-rific exploits betwixt it's pages. I spent the next week with a nightly bubble bath date, just me and my new beloved book. The dazzling true story "Summer at Tiffany" by Marjorie Hart instantly whisked me away to 1945, New York City, the country swept up in WWII, when glamour was still a way of life. I felt like I was right along side the two gal pals as they nabbed the first positions EVER as female sales personnel at Tiffany & Co., hobnobbing with Judy Garland and Marlene Dietrich (to name a few!), nights on the town with servicemen, and finding ways around war time rations in the name of getting dolled up. Needless to say, I was sad when I reached the last page, whenever a book manages to weave it's way into my heart like this, it makes it hard to turn to that final chapter! A lovely read to get you geared up for summer, inspiring for any vintage adoring doll!

Desperately seeking Susie-Q. Very Madge, quite a spectacle for your peepers. Model: Madisyn Ritland  Photos by: Ellen von Unwerth. Full set can be seen here.

This week's tunes are brought to you by The Like. Thanks to my besty Tracy, during a recent road trip/everyday adventure she popped on one of their tunes and proclaimed I would shortly fall in love. DONE and done! These MODern vixens have all the sass of the 60's songstresses with a lovely edge...Enough to make you twist and shout.

This week's lusty-dish is not of the wardrobe kind, but that of the anticipation of the Tim Burton exhibition at LACMA coming in May (previews in April). I am truly blissed to the max that they're bringing the hugely popular interactive experience from N.Y.C. to my hometown! The show is supposed to be larger and more grandiose than the former, featuring new walk through installations, including the topiaries from Edward Scissorhands! Count down begins now. Weeeee!


Compliments of this fabulous Etsy store! I am smitten with all of their super inspiring art!!!

Yarn Bombing. Textile Graffiti. Beautifying the sterile and stark one stitch at a time. The art of knitting by night and taking over public spaces with a sneak attack of hook-and-hand glory has been seeping into my neighborhood the past few years. And I LOVE it! Taking the mundane and ordinarily overlooked objects of everyday and jazzing them up with an anonymous art installation is a sure fire way to add a smile to someone's day. So thank you ladies and gents, keep clacking those sticks and weaving your magic in cities around the world! To join the brigade and create your own check out this site. Or google Yarn Bombing in your city for local meet ups!

Ciao Bella! Snuggles and candy drop kisses!



ChubbleBubble said...

So, so much goodness.

MissV said...

I am so happy I found your blog little lady! Ive followed you with your pin-up work but your blog is so divine, so esquisite. I find myself inspired and dreaming of beautiful things after i read your entries. Thanks for sharing!!

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