Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Linkie Love! What's brewing in my noggin' from this week...

Here's the condensed version of what's been tickling my noodle the past few days, read on you delicious dhaaaalng you!

For budding magazine owner's, writers, and entrepreneurs, turn that pile of dreams into you're own glossy with MagCloud. I am sooooo on board for this! 

Download the original grrrl zines here

For my lil punk-ettes, a quick fix if you have netflix "Punk The Early Years" is available on instant watch. I just enjoyed it for the third time, the doc gives a fantastic view of the U.K. scene and it's forerunners (Some since forgotten, but none the less important.) This gritty visual candy is rough-cut and rabid! As it should be. No HD in the 70's, so enjoy it for the time capsule it is.
(This is a good one to have rolling in the background while you putter around cleaning, doing homework, or plotting your next move in releasing anarchy upon the world...or just your household.)

                            Generation X clip from the documentary "Punk The Early Years"

Now that we have the wildly creative, in your face, power to people vibes going, take a look at this article I found while perusing one of my fave blogs: Daily Mail Slams Burly-Q There seems to be a lot of backlash against burlesque in the U.K.... I highly suggest following up with Jo Boobs response found on her blog here (my original source for the article): Burlesque Daily 

Kitten Deville by Don Spiro
How does this make you feel? Hopefully you'll fall in with my lot, and be motivated to whirl a fabulous tassel as a big F-to the-U in their direction. It's unfortunate that people feel the need to be so down right nasty about things that make them uncomfortable. If it irks you, then don't look. When one feels the need to go an extra step to tear someone down it's just a clue that something lies deep within themselves that they're trying to stifle, and sadly, keeps them from reaching their full potential as a creative being. ANY man or woman (and those in between) that has the confidence to celebrate their bodies and express themselves in any shape or form is D-vine in my book!
Lesson learned: We can take an article like this and use it as glittering fuel to further a community. It can be made into a positive experience, and motivation to keep those shimmies going!

Fragments on
Speaking of literary thrills, I received "Fragments; Poems, Intimate Notes, Letters by Marilyn Monroe" for my birthday. I'm a Marilyn fiend as many are. I find her fascinating, and have since I was a glossy eyed kiddo peeking up at "Gentleman Prefer Blondes" from my toddling position of rug rat.

Original diary entries, etc. have been scanned and preserved, featured alongside the editor's notes. Thank goodness someone found this long forgotten box of treasures in the back of a closet! 

This book, or rather, collection gives a unique glimpse into the mind of the screen goddess. With her deepest insecurities, dream analysis, and highest hopes written her by her own hand, it endears Marilyn to the reader even more, and parallels her to our own daily struggles of living, loving and channeling our creative potential. Definitely a beautiful read.


Above images shot by Jean-Baptiste Mondino for the french magazine Numero. A little bit Vegas showgirl, a little bit punk, a little bit you must go look at it now! View full layout here! 

Currently enjoying Pandora by bouncing between my "Runaways" and "Generation X" channels. With a surplus of attitude, energy and shoutable lyrics this mix has me moving! The Ramones, Sex Pistols, The Clash, Blondie, Social Distortion, Veruca Salt and mucho more to tantalize the ears!

Accessories are the easiest way to breathe some fresh air into your wardrobe, especially when you're on a budget! Here's my drooool worthy du jour:

Dorothy Docs: $106.00
Lil Bonnie Blue Bow headband: $9.99
Desperately Seeking Susie-Q gloves: $6.80
Kiss Me Deadly studs: $6.99


Photography fanatics, if you have an SLR then take a stab at FreeLensing to mix it up, add depth to your images, capture uber dramatic night shots, and discover a new way to look at the world. LOVE this!!!!

Have a look at what other freelensing novices are discovering at the Flickr group. And here's one more article on it, explaining to proceed with caution, but nothing ventured...

Now go get 'um my lovely!

YOU are gorgeous! Grrrrrrrrr!!!!


                              Hugs, love and lashes. (of the false variety, not whipping. ouch.)
                                                                       ♥ Frankie


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