Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Play with toys!

Carsten D.



Vsevolod Vlasenko

Yan Xd

Jens Jacob

Shanghai Sounbites *My fave detail about this is that it's a Door's album!*

Jen Jacob

Stumbled upon a truly addicting Tumblr today, it features oodles of medium format visual delights! A lovely way to get inspired to take your favorite little toy camera for a spin this summer! Toy cameras are the perfect way to capture your adventures with a dreamy, other worldly twist. J'adore! 

Medium Format Tumblr



esme and the lane way said...

These are beautiful! I really love that record spinning one :)

ChubbleBubble said...

Girrrl, I got that pink Holga that Tiana gave me...let's play!

Molto ❤ Fashion said...

Tumblr is my absolute favorite- it's so full of inspiration, and I love to get lost in the beautiful pictures. And you look lovely! I wish I had a toy camera.. :P x

Anything but Bland said...

you are so beautiful!!!! <3<3

love, polly

Yasmin Hassegawa said...

I love the photos!
you´ve got great eyes for taking them!
I love the flowers in the second one...

and I love your black outfit and the red lips :D

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