Friday, August 19, 2011

Guest spot with Burlesque Bingo!

Have you heard? The latest and greatest way to get your kicks combines the art of the tease and every granny's favorite game....Though, goodluck on keeping your eyes on your card!
Burlesque Bingo is the zany and fabulous master plan in burly-q domination hatched by g-string slingin' icon Audrey Deluxe and Tom Ingram.

Needless to say I was jumping for joy when I was asked to do a guest spot in their "Sweet and sticky summer" show, being only my second performance ever, the pressure was on! With a quick run to the garment district I gave my little costume the quickest makeover possible, about 40 hours and 1,000 crystals later, my lil' lollipop number was ready to hit the stage.

It was most definitely an evening to remember, with a rowdy bachelor party commencing, and a random fella jumping on stage calling out for everyone to go streaking, there was never a dull moment!

 I had the MOST amazing group of ladies there to cheer me on, it was truly tummy twirling, so glad Fernando of Psyko Boys caught the moment above when they started screaming for me, I was tickled pink and couldn't stop giggling!

The most incredible thing that I have been given through my very brief adventure into burlesque has to be the solid reminder of the amazing people surrounding me in my life. A mega thank you is necessary to: the two women who have always been my biggest cheerleaders, My wifey Tracy, and my Ama (who drove down from Las Vegas just for one night to catch my show!!!), to Fernando and James from Psyko Boys, I am SO thrilled to have you in my life, you're like family to me! Further danke shanes to Tiffany for rounding up the most fabulous group of ladies and storming the bar with hoots, hollers, and tatas ahoy!

And, of course to Audrey and Tom for giving this chikadee the chance to shimmy and shake in such a fantastically creative show!

More on the road to burlesque coming soon, I promise!
In the mean time, if you happen to be in the Los Angeles area, then read on my lovelies:

This lucky lil' lady is doing a guest spot w/ The Pretty Things Peep Show at their only Los Angeles appearance! Prepare to be tantalized by this world famous troupe of traveling vaudevillians. Sword swallowing, witty banter, mustaches ahoy, & of course burlesque!
Sunday, August 28th @ Dragonfly Hollywood, presented by Miss Kitty's. Stay for the eXXXotica 2011 after party! Doors open at 8pm
! Click here for more info!


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Burlesque Bingo is magical. So is my wife.

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