Friday, May 27, 2011

Things I Love...errr Friday, The Late Night Edition!

What has my heart singing at the moment...
Performing burlesque for the first time, and feeling giddy, riding on cloud 9, smile plastered to my face every day since. (I feel like a super hero, who gets naked and makes people smile)
Phone calls with my glamorous Grammy, planning visits to see her (and hearing absolute happiness shine through her voice as she's telling me about her wild late nights on the town until 2 am. Hehehe.)
Scoring a vintage 60's crop top (for $3!!), pairing with pigtails and hot pants ala Brigitte Bardot.
Continuing my copious amounts of bicycle adventures ( exercise + too fun = delightful )

The above, a darling video from She & Him.
Plotting oodles of summer adventures starting with; photo shoots in ghost towns, camping under big trees, bike rides across my favorite valley, & vintage scavenging adventures in the mid west.
Watermelon + spoon. A simple, but divine summer delight. Noms. Big time.

Love letters to Elsie These are seriously worth a good read. What a sweet gift to have a peek in on two people so truly inspiring to each other. It makes my heart do the happy dance and gives me a refreshed sense of how love should be. In every single form it comes in.
Vintage silver lame purses in the day time. Now that's original bling, baby.
The little red lady bug and swallow tail butterfly that landed on my toes while I was writing this in the park. Like little kisses from mother nature. Beautiful.

Brigitte Bardot
Surprise breezes blowing in off the ocean, like the last few breaths of fresh air, lingering bits of spring, tangling my hair and tickling my skin, before the summer heat clamps itself like a blanket over the city.

Mmmm. What made you feel blissed as can be this week?...


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