Friday, May 13, 2011

Girly A-Go-Go!

Oh, hell's bell's, its happened again, weeks have whirled by and I've been a naughty mistress of musings, neglecting my little bloggie!
It all started with a road trip to Las Vegas in a pink '64 Buick, followed by photo shoots in my fave mid century modern hideaway in Palm Springs, last minute adventures to San Francisco (including a blustery, but enjoyable walk across the golden gate bridge), planning and producing a very special show for my besty's bday, daily biking adventures on my cherry red 63' Schwinn (she's my little rust bucket with wings!) preparing my first burlesque act (meeeep!) and dancing until my legs turn to jello! So very much to share with you all,  and oodles of wonderful photos!!! We'll chat soon!


Anything but Bland said...

dear- you are gorgeous!!!!! i am your new follower :):)

love, polly :D

Vanesa said...

Thanks for your comment! i follow you... nice blog dear...


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