Friday, January 21, 2011

OOTD: THE DL...Deetz, Lydia

It's no mistake that I often end up channeling my favorite characters into my daily wardrobe. A costumer by nature, it can't be helped. This day I felt particularly :::ahem::: Deetz-y. Honing a bit of Lydia with my own twist, I wandered the streets snapping pics of the "strange and unusual", followed by an evening curled up with a copy of "The Glam Ghouls Guide to the Recently Deceased."

Mantra: "My whole life is a dark room. One...Big...Dark...Room..." -Lydia Deetz

Soundtrack: "Pictures of You" The Cure 

The Wardrobe:
Hat: Vintage, gift from Kelly !!! purchased at Gasoline Alley.

Dress: Vintage. (reworked the sad sleeves by chopping off some length and leaving the ruffled cap.) Purchased for $3 (!!!!) during a super sale at Shareen's top secret vintage haven
My gal pal (and fashion muse extraordinaire) is a style maven there. (rockin' DREAM job!) 
Shareen's is a magical warehouse overflowing with racks of textile treasures from bygone eras with a huge clientele based in the Hollywood "It"crowd. Note: Bring a bib. Drool worthy goods as far as the eye can see.

Docs: Fleamarket find (Again, my main trompers worn on a daily basis. You will see them. A lot.)

Holga: purchased on Amazon. Cult icon of the camera world, and worthy of the hype. J'adore. 



Rai said...

oh... my... goodness. just stunning, I adore everything about this outfit <3 especially the 'mantra' hehe c:

ChubbleBubble said...

You = faaaaaaabulous. I can't believe how good that looks! I know your big 80's sleeved secrets, my dear...

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