Monday, January 3, 2011

OOTD: Champagne Baubles

New years eve was spent with our pals sipping our way to midnight with wine in juice box form (that's right!)....

...trying to remember the choreography to NKOTB songs, puppy snuggles, home made cookies, and good old Dick Clark. 

Tracy found special wine to celebrate the launch of my bloggie!

The lady is a :::ahem::: Vamp...

Outfit theme: "Kitschy kitschy Coo coo"
Dress: Betsey Johnson
Gaudy hair goodies: vintage earrings and 50's xmas ornaments
Jewelry: Tarina Tarantino & vintage 
Stockings: Target
Shoes: Doc Marten boots, thrifted (my repetitive tootsie cover of choice)

Head on over to Chubble Bubble to sneak a peek at her OOTD

Hugs, Love, and ice cream canoodles! 


ChubbleBubble said...

It was quite the evening! <3 to you and Carlos for sharing it with us. <3

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