Friday, June 17, 2011

Linkie Love: The Big Bad Burlesque Edition.

Rev up your wolf whistle, this is a post sure to tantalize your peepers,  featuring my favorite peelers, shakers, movers, and quakers in the beautiful world of burlesque.

By Ted D'Ottavio

by Amy Touchette

The World Famous Bob undoubtedly is one of the most inspirational women in burlesque. A modern bombshell with a twist, part Mae West with a touch of Divine, Bob has been at the forefront of the burlesque revival since the 90's. Advocate for eliminating sizeism in all of it's forms, (Yes, bashing thin girls is just as destructive and abusive in her book as discriminating against plus size gals. L-O-V-E.), mentored by drag queens in the early 90's, original siren of The Velvet Hammer Burlesque, avant garde performance artist, dream maker, tassel shaker, and body confidence coach, Bob embodies the pure creativity and empowered spirit of this beautiful art form at it's best. "The Dream Come True Girl" is a fascinating and motivating femme, one of the original radical self love warriors!

"It's our own fears that limit what's possible for us, and we never know what's on the other side of fear until we walk through it. I think it's good for people to hear that somebody who's established was scared once too." -Bob excerpt from Tassel Time Interview on fear and auditions. 

"The most political and powerful act that a woman can do is fully enjoy her life." -Bob on body confidence, and taking to the stage to share her joy in what she does.

Want to know more about this wonder woman of tease? I suggest starting with her Tassel Time interview, a free podcast you can download on itunes! *See more details below under "Listen"

There are SO many amazing burlesque related documentaries popping up, I can't wait to share them all with you! Here is one that recently found it's way onto my radar!

Mark Winmill Boylesque Darling
I really enjoyed The Art of Male Burlesque article on Filament Magazine's website. (Warning this is a NSFW site) I definitely love the movement. I personally have respect for anyone who has the guts to get up on stage and perform. 

The Decadent Gent takes you on a magical journey behind the velvet ropes and into the belly of the swarovski beast. A wonderful U.K. based *FREE* podcast chock full of wisdom from the finest crimson covered lips in the biz, featuring Kitten Deville, Dirty Martini, and Princess Farhana to name a few! Tassel Time is available on itunes or through the official website!

Lilly Christine

Tempest Storm

Lilly Christine

The Rockettes

A little bit of eye candy for you in the form of my fave burly-q photos! Want a further peek into the burlesque's glittering past and present? Take a looksie at a few fantabulous resources: 

Tempest Storm
Interested in taking a pair of tassels for a spin in your own boudoir or on stage? Here's a fun little tutorial that will have you twirling at home in no time! DIY pasties via MookyChick

Yours truly doing a candy strip tease! *Big* thanks to my dear friend Fernando for snapping pics!

Stay tuned this week for a special post about my road to burlesque, overcoming fear, costume disasters, the bumps, the grinds, and all the in between! 


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